A groundbreaking new film about the reality of Kink - none of this 50 shades of BS.


tOuch - a secret power all women possess, but few truly realize.

“tOuch Kink” is an intimate look into the world of BDSM and fetishism through the eyes of four people:

Grace, an all-American soccer mom, learns to “Awaken the Goddess” inside her as she makes her nervous first foray into the realm of being a Dominatrix.

Mistress Evilyne, a British Dominatrix on a cultural mission, is outed to the tabloid press and harassed by the British establishment.

Robin, the fearless Kinkster and good old boy from Texas, who just happens to be a slave and property of a Dominatrix.

January Seraph, the mercurial muse, guide, and inspiration behind understanding the secret power that all women possess, but few truly realize, is revealed to those brave enough to "tOuch Kink”.

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